Food is a Cultural Expression

Downtown Porto Food Tour

What: Downtown Porto Food Tour
Where: Start near Bolhão market (exact location provided with tickets)
When: Tuesday to Saturday, excluding holidays
Time: 10h30 and 16h00
Duration: 3.5 hours
Price: €65 Adults| €40 Children under 13 years
Included: 10 Food tastings and 6 beverages
Distance: 3 km / 1.9 miles
Groups: 10 people maximum
Languages: English (Portuguese upon request)
Sales: Tickets must be purchased by 18h00 the night before


  • Enjoy a perfect balance of sweet and savory food tastings

  • Visit the bustling Bolhão food market

  • Listen to entertaining stories about the city's history

  • Discover Porto's back streets with your local guide

  • Taste wine from Portugal's many undiscovered regions

  • Take in one of the most iconic views of the city

  • Learn about a food culture that borders on religion

  • Appreciate the quality of small, local producers

  • Meet the owners and families of the local shops and restaurants

  • Feel good with a 5% donation to a charity

A taste of the tour

Who are You?

Whether you are a self-described foodie or just know you like to eat, our tour is appropriate for all types of visitors to Porto.

Our tour is for young and old, with the tour progressing at a leisurely pace and including opportunities to sit at most of the tasting locations.

A perfect balance between sweet and savory tastings that will leave you pleasantly full and satisfied.

We also do our best to adapt our food offerings to accommodate food allergies and vegetarians.

Would you like a private tour?

Loja dos Pastéis de Chaves

The day begins near Bolhão market with the warm flaky pastry of Chaves, a small city in northern Portugal. A savory and sweet tasting that will provide you with the energy and curiosity to start your exploration of Porto.

Bolhão Wine House

Bolhão Market is a truly unique and magical place for tripeiros. Learn why the locals have this nickname while enjoying a 'moscatel galego' along with some traditional sardines and a homemade pastry.

Flor dos Congregados

Upon entering this third generation, family-run restaurant, the smells of a home-cooked meal fill the air. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind sandwich that brings together freshly baked bread, juicy pork loin roasted in spices, with the sweetness of cured ham.


One of Porto's historic cafes, world renowned for its beauty. Guarany opened its doors in 1933 in the heart of downtown Porto, a place where business men, artists and politicians used to meet for a 'cimbalino'.

Leitaria da Quinta do Paço

In life, as on the tour, we can't enjoy the savory without the sweet. And so Leitaria provides us with a sweet counter point on our tour through its famous eclairs. Enjoy the light, fluffiness of the cream and sweetness of the chocolate.

Taberna do Largo

Portugal has far more to offer than just Port wine which is why we end our tour with a final taste of the various wine regions of the country. Explore from north to south the little known beauty of Portuguese wines, cheese, sausages and 'petiscos' with products from small local producers.

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